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01. Almost There (Intro) [prod. Lou The Humvn]

Yes, we sampled a DISNEY song for a rap record. I remember watching The Princess and the Frog for the first time and realizing how well-written this particular track was. I always had the intention of naming my mixtape #AlmostThere, so interpolating the original’s inspirational message for my intro seemed like a sign from God. After watching the original restaurant sweeping scene in the animated movie, it all made sense. It took me nearly six months and about 10 other verses until I finally found the flow I wanted. After pitching this sample idea concept to the producer last May, I received this beat last July, and wasn’t satisfied with a verse until December.  I even predicted being "Having songs on The Source on a Monday Afternoon" before it really happenedLou and I took our time with this track because we knew it had the potential to be something special, almost like an anthem for everybody ambitiously pursuing their dreams by any means necessary.


Anecdotes is a blog series aimed to add to an aesthetic appreciative culture consumer’s artistic audial experience while listening to Chise’s Almost There VOLUME ONE: Visions x Vices x Vulnerabilities album. Everyday, I’ll be attaching personal stories explaining each song’s inspiration and creation, opening my heart to listeners by allowing them to pick my brain. To download today’s track and the ATVVV project in its entirety - click here. In advance, thank you for your time and attention. For previous #ATVVVAnecdotes click here


Twelve days removed from releasing my mixtape, and my life really has changed, just not in the way I thought it would. Here’s a summary of what’s been going, and after reading the synopsis I’ll let you all be the judge if I’m either the antagonist or protagonist in my movie in the making. 

I’ve decided Journalism isn’t the right career path for me. I refuse to be reminded on a daily basis that I didn’t make it as a rapper. I’m convinced on not settling for a second choice. I just worked my last day at XXL, two months as a news reporter and 300 stories later, I can at least say I stopped journalism on my own terms, writing for the top publication in hip-hop. 

I dropped my debut mixtape, and though the views and local/blog feedback isn’t what I anticipated it to be, I’ve changed lives - and that’s all that matters in the end. My intention with ATVVV was to inspire others to continue following their dreams by any means necessary. I’ve been humbled by the 7 people who’ve texted me or contacted me personally saying that the project is both their plight’s playlist and struggle’s soundtrack. As an artist, I aspire to make a difference and changes lives, and hearing that my hard work is that extra push of motivation to someone means the world to me. Give me a chance to change yours by downloading/streaming #ATVVV. I attempted a brutally honest artistic offering that tells a story of growing up that we all can relate to. I described being 21 from every angle, covering all aspects. I’ve never been one to open up, but on my mixtape you hear my unfiltered emotions at my most vulnerable state. Please pay attention.

I’ve cut ties with half of my family over personal disputes, and have been forced to grow up faster than I already was to begin with. I’ve had a falling out with some friends who preach fake support to my face. No need for sympathy, but sometimes you have to realize relationships have already served their purpose in your lifelong path. 

With all that said, I’m far from disappointed or discouraged. I’m more driven than I ever was, and I feel a certain sense of urgency that’s healthy. I know I need to make it happen now. I know I need to push myself and work harder. I know I need to live life without limits to evoke creativity without boundaries. I know my destiny is in my hands, and essentially my destination is a combination of my consistent work ethic 
and continually allowing myself to grow as an artist and as a person.

So with that said, here’s a special thank you to everyone that’s contributed to who I am today. If you don’t hear from me for a while, just know that I’m working hard and doing what I feel is best to keep myself in a mental space that I think will set my soul free enough to make the best art possible. Hopefully my successes can symbolize my gratitude. Here. I. Go. 

Chise - “Almost There: Visions Vices Vulnerabilities”

Almost There: Visions Vices Vulnerabilities symbolically tells the true story of 21 year old Staten Island native facing the everyday trials and tribulations that come along with transitioning from a teen to an adult, coping with change, chasing your dreams, finding your self, and adjusting to new found fame.

Executive Produced: Christian A. Bonoan
Songwriting Credits: Christian A. Bonoan
Additional Songwriting Credits: Bryan Del Rosario, Adrienne Galang, Su Bviley, Shareef Keyes
Engineering Credits: Su Bviley, V.I.C.E. (Tribe Gvng)
Additional Engineering: SergeTheGod, Shareef Keyes


Reminiscing on the time I used my way with words to swoon Melanie Iglesias back in 2012, winning her poetry contest to be her Valentine for 2012. A few months later, I interviewed her and April Rose for my Editorial Internship with XXL Magazine and she remembered who I was - and even asked for a picture with me before I had the chance to ask her LOL. For those of you wondering, Melanie looks just as good in person AND she has an awesome, funny, and down to earth personality.


Chise ft. Delly - “Say No More” (prod. EFF.DOPE) 

Happy Valentines Day. 

Here’s a gift for all of you celebrating the upcoming holiday, hope you enjoy! Say No More is the last preview of #ATVVV, before the album drops Sunday 2/16. In advance, all reblogs are appreciated. 

Chise ft. Delly - “Say No More” (prod. EFF.DOPE) 

Happy Valentines Day. 

Here’s a gift for all of you celebrating the upcoming holiday, hope you enjoy! Say No More is the last preview of #ATVVV, before the album drops Sunday 2/16. In advance, all reblogs are appreciated. 



Believe in your vision. Believe in your struggle. Believe in yourself.

A dedication to everybody following their dreams and in-depth look at the difficulty an artist faces on a daily basis. “Believe” was originally written as a reminder for myself to keep grinding despite dealing with all the stress that comes along with the creative career path I chose. Ideally, my individual note-to-self can serve as inspiration to you as well. Keep going. #AlmostThere #Believe

"Believe" is the second single off of #ATVVV, which is officially dropping 2/16/14.

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Thanks man! I’m dropping my album in 10 days make sure to stay tuned!